Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Importance of Visualization

Today I was reminded of the importance of visualization. I’ve meditated for years and I practice living whole-heartedly, but I struggle with visualization. I realize I, once again, have to change how I think about a subject.

Visualization isn’t daydreaming. Daydreaming is letting the mind ramble and that could go to bad thoughts as well as good. Visualization takes more effort because I have the power to control what I’m thinking about, and how I think about it! I have to take that power and use it to good. That means ceasing any negative thoughts the minute they creep in and redirecting them to how I want to be and live. And making myself FEEL I’ve already achieved my goals. 

It sounds simple, and in way it is, but it’s also work. It takes practice. It’s work to stand up to the negativity that swirls around. It’s work to stay positive when life throws obstacles in my path. It’s too easy to get caught up in negativity and give in to it. (And yes, there are days when I just mentally spiral downward.) Which is why, as much as I can, I avoid the news and media hypes. I try to avoid negative, woe-is-me, woe-is-the-world people, politics, and commericialism/advertising. But when I take my power and stand tall, oh, what a difference in how I feel!

Visualization is taking time each day to visualize how I want my life. It’s making myself feel I’m already there. (Yes, positive repetition to keep reminding myself of the good I want to achieve.) That doesn’t mean perfection, because there’s no such thing. That doesn’t mean I’m a Pollyanna. There are, and will be, days that are not so good. But I have the power within myself to bounce back up and be the me I want to be.

It is being the best I can be; respecting myself and others. It’s looking for the beauty around me and creating beauty (which I try to do through my writing, painting, photography, and gardening). It’s giving a kind word, positive feedback, and support when I can. It’s being as courteous as I can be, and when my tolerance level drops, it’s time to turn and walk away.

Visualization is one aspect of living whole-heartedly. Visualization helps me stay on my path. Visualization helps me stand strong.