Sunday, March 31, 2019

Taking Time for Mental Breaks

Saturday and Sunday, March 30 and 31, 2019

Learning to live wholeheartedly teaches me something almost every day. It’s a vigilance to remain true to my heart and soul in daily living and to not get caught up in all the drama and hype. Sometimes the little lessons are things I already knew but either forgot or just let it go. Other times it’s putting things in a different context (or words) to help me understand better. They’re all golden nuggets in my quest for wholehearted living.

The Creativity Muse had me in her strong grip Friday morning. I finished editing the poem I’d written the night before and blogged, but she still had a hold on me. I so wanted to keep going and let that creative fire just burn, but Fridays and Saturdays are my busy newspaper work days. I had to dampen the flames and buckle down so I could meet deadline.

Yesterday’s morning writing had me coming up with another Dear Divine Presence Letter (DPL). These are little revelations/lessons I learn and like to share. Sometimes the message has to rattle my brain numerous times before the light bulb flashes on and I get it. For instance, I know how important it is to take breaks, but then I’ll still sit for hours to try to push to get the job done. Again a message came about the need to get up and move.

571. Dear Divine Presence, Thank-you for reminding me the importance of taking breaks. When I try to get all my work done in one sitting, I get overstressed, ornery, and make mistakes. I need to get away from the table, move around, and do something constructive or creative – even if it’s just to play with the kitties or water the plants. Just five or ten minutes can be refreshing, clear my head, and help me feel better. Light and Love, Sasha.

I often talk about treasure hunts and how I strive to find beauty every day no matter where I am. I’ll post photos and share ideas and tips. Someone took my idea of a treasure hunt as a daily quest and to make a game out of it. I decided to make this to DPL. (As you can see, I’ve been writing these for over a year.)

572. Dear Divine Presence, Thank-you for showing me to look at each day as a treasure hunt. The treasure doesn’t have to be a big chunk of gold, but something simple. It can be a tiny nugget like being intrigued by a leaf on the ground or noticing a pretty flower. It can be realizing something good or learning something about life. It can be something inspiring someone says, or we read. What if we saw the good and beautiful around us as treasures? How many treasures can I find today? I’m on the hunt! Light and Love, Sasha.

No, I'm not going to chase you up the tree!
I found time in the afternoon to sneak in a little fresh air. Neighbor-kitty, Leo joined me. He loves it when I’m outside with him. He posed for photos, then took off down the walkway looking behind to see if I was giving chase. Around the corner of the house he went and up a tree. I managed to get a couple photos. He makes me laugh. And I found gold in the antics of a cat!

The chickens from across the street came over and Leo went into stalk mode. They weren’t intimidated by him at all, and when the big rooster flapped his wings at the orange boy, Leo hid behind a tree and continued his watch. He came with me when I went back in the house.

This morning, I’m amazed at how much snow melts overnight. Most of the ice bridges across the brook are gone and the ones left are looking unstable. The water gushes under them and splashes against anything in its path. In between my music, I can hear the roaring as the water slams against rocks, eats at the ice, and catches in swirls in side pools along the banks and tree roots.

Out front, the snow has receded farther. More of the shrubs are revealed and ground cover near the walkway are clear of snow but filled with old leaves, sand, and pine needles. The azaleas in front of the house are still flattened with show. The bugleweed and hens and chickens are showing color, and a couple of wild viola, which hadn’t totally died back, are waking up. My mind is already making a list of things to do to create even more beauty out here.

Part of me is eager to get out and start raking, but it’s not quite time, yet. It’s just the end of March and there’s always the possibility for April snowstorms. Plus, gardening takes me away from my art which can be a huge dilemma. I have to find time to write and paint or I get ornery and depressed. But I love being out in the flower garden, too, so I have to find a balance between inside work and outside work.

What's under is almost as interesting as what's on top
I couldn’t wait for afternoon. After standing on the front porch in my bare feet, I put on sneakers and go out for a few photos. I stop to pull a few invasive horsetail weeds along the walkway. I take photos of a few leaves stuck in a section of plowed up dirty snow from the driveway. They’re like little pieces of art hanging on a wall. 

I look for signs of life on the lilacs. They were originally right in front of the house and I moved them. They’re not in a good spot, although I know it can take lilacs three years or so to recover from serious pruning or moving.

I pull a couple more horsetails while heading out back. The breeze coming off the brook makes it a little chillier. There’s still too much ice between the bottom of the steps and the brook. I can’t safely get down there, yet … maybe this afternoon or tomorrow.  

I climb the steps to the deck and wander its length taking photos. I can’t help it. It’s mesmerizing and the roar is hypnotizing. If it was warmer, I’d get out a chair and do my writing out there.

Ah, my little piece of paradise filled with treasures. I have a gold mine!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Love Is

I asked for help in understanding God-Love. I needed to find my own definition; to differentiate what I normally think of love from the all-encompassing God-Love.

It was a challenging internal debate. When I first think of love, it’s more like a love of, and there are various degrees and levels to how much love is felt. I think of lover/spouse (which I don’t have, ha-ha), children, other family members, friends, and general things I love. But that also means there are people and things I don’t love. So, the moment I put “me,” or rather the ego, into love, it targets or leaves out certain people or things.

And I am also reminded of the time I was practicing projecting love to all around me and the next thing I knew, I had someone else’s husband calling me. That wasn’t the kind of vibe I intended to be projecting and made me fear of ever doing it again.

So, how can I understand this God-Love? This morning answers came.

There is a difference between love of someone or something and the Love that comes from God/The Divine/The Universe (and when I think of this latter type of Love, I see it all capitalized, whereas as “love of” is lower cased.

“Love of” is a human condition filled with emotions, opinions, and beliefs. It’s sometimes dictated by society, the church, family – it’s what we’ve been taught love is supposed to be. And I can’t understand or get why and how I “have to” love people who aren’t nice (to put it mildly). I don’t want to love those who choose mean lives. (I can feel sorry for them, but I don’t want to love them.)

God-Love is impersonal and encompasses all that is. It doesn’t take sides. It doesn’t target one thing or person over another. God-Love has no personal thoughts. God-Love just IS!

So, what does this mean to me right now? I’ll have to let it percolate and make it part of my practice of peace and light. Now I can say Peace, Light, and Love and feel at as Universal and Divine.

569. Dear Divine Presence, Thank-you for showing me the difference between the human condition of love and God-Love. I AM now willing to embrace God-Love, that all-encompassing Love that is not swayed by personal beliefs, desires, or emotions. Love and Success, Sasha.