Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I am the Journey; I am More than I Expected

It is all exciting, fascinating, and joyful.

Sometimes I read something that rocks me to my core. Sometimes it takes me days to figure it out. The other day someone posted this to Facebook:

“In the end, she became more than she expected. 
She became the journey, and like all journeys, she did not end.
She simply changed direction and kept going.” – R.M. Drake

These words tore into my soul (in a good way), and I don’t know why, even after sitting on it for a couple of days. It spoke (without words) volumes to me; almost as if it was written about me, and me alone. Tears filled my eyes and my heart wrapped around the words as if grasping a lifeline. It was like someone, something, out there recognized me, acknowledged me. I clung in desperation, and for a time, that’s all I could do. I turned it into one of my affirmations intending to write more about it later.  

Now it is later, and I’m still all topsy-turvy in my gut. I must find the words to describe what I’m feeling or I will float helplessly away on a sea of nothingness. I’m not sure where the contemplating will take me, but it’s time to take the journey, a treasure hunt through my mind to look for the gold within, to figure out why this saying/poem has shaken me so. I’m excited and a bit fearful. What am I about to learn about myself or admit? 

“In the end, she became more than she expected.” 

My dreams and goals of the past certainly didn’t show me in this place in life. (Those dreams and goals have long vanished and are now unimportant.) I envisioned something different, something more … however, I did get more … so much more,  and in a totally unexpected way. I could never have seen this person I’ve become, and yet, this is who I am, and probably, who I always have been. 

I had to grow into the person I already was! (Wow, how profound is this!) 

Maybe there was a part of me that knew (I feel an affirmative nod in my soul), and life is all about making the long journey to get here. 

“She became the journey …”

Yes, I am the journey! And it is one that does not end. Life is a continuous journey whether physically traveling or taking a trip through the realms of the emotional mind. It continues whether working at my desk or standing in front of the easel. It continues while meandering around the yard searching for items to photograph and it is with me while gardening. It continues whenever I leave the house whether for a short trip or longer travels, and like those physical travels, the mind journey is also full of potholes, detours, construction, interactions, and road blocks.

“She simply changed direction and kept going.” 

I certainly have done that throughout my life!

Thank you, R.M. Drake, for giving me new insight and another “Digging for the Gold Within” opportunity.